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Labradors are our favorite . We have had one for the past 13 years as a family pet. Our first one was named Sunny , and of course, she was the BEST DOG EVER!  When we decided to breed, labs were our first choice because of her. She was a great family dog for us, bringing us companionship and fun.We miss her very much. We still look at her favorite napping place expecting to see her.

Our new dogs all have such different personalities, just like people. One is very obedient and mellow. One is very playful and happy. Another is sweet and compliant. Still another is "a-dork-able" and a little bit naughty ( shhh...she is my favorite). : )  We have incorporated them all into the family. They spend time indoors, playing in the yard, and sometimes in the pen--it is "a dogs life"--a very good one!

Somehow we landed on a "P" theme for the names of our dogs. We do get a little tongue tied sometimes! Can you imagine? "Will you please take Poppy and Pax to the pen, and let Patsy and Pearle, off the porch to play." : (   We get mixed up but everyone seems to know their name ! 

We have lots of children here helping with the care, training, and playing with all of our dogs and puppies. The kids ask every litter to keep another puppy. But how lucky is it to be able to play with 10-13 puppies--all at once! It's a lot of work, but we are having fun as a family!


It's so wonderful watching the puppies grow and find new homes. We love seeing happy people going home excited about their new addition! It is very rewarding to see families take home their chosen puppy. First time dog owners, or replacements for a beloved pet just lost. It is a great feeling knowing these puppies are going to such loving homes.


About Us

Tired dogs!

wet dogs!

happy dogs!


Meet Our Dogs

Meet our adult dogs!


Poppy is a yellow American Lab, and she is a very loving, energetic dog. She has a ton of personality and is easy to "read." She loves to run and chase, but she slows down to grab love by leaning on us ( literally! ), and holding still to get enough petting to fill her "love cup." She has turned out to be a GREAT mama. She is our largest dog (88 lbs.) and very beautiful with a sweet , want to please personality. She has 3 litters in happy homes. She should have more available in the spring of 2021.



Patsy is a chocolate American Lab. She weighs around 80 lbs. She is mild-tempered and so sweet. Our family is enjoying her very much, she is easy going and happy to go with the flow of things. She has been easy to train and a good addition to our home. She has black pups and they look like fat little bear cubs! She is a very attentive mama and seems to take it all in stride! Her next litter should be available in the spring of 2021.



Pearle is a white English lab around 85 pounds.  She is a very patient, non-demanding dog. Pearle is our most "smiley" dog, smiling whenever someone gives her attention. All you have to do is say her name and her eyes squeeze shut, her mouth goes into a smile, and her tail is non-stop! She has four litters in happy homes,and they were all beautiful pups. We are still receiving positive feedback from s lot of the new owners. She will hopefully have new pups available in the spring of 2021.



Paxton is a white English Lab. He is 1.5 years old. We enjoyed his puppyhood very much! He has been so fun to have around and has a wonderful personality. He definitely was not an over- hyper pup, which is more in character with the english labs . Of course, he has  energy ( after his LONG naps! ), but he is a "pleaser", and has these huge black eyes that are so full of expression. He has many "doggie quirks" unique to himself which we think are so adorable!He brings our family so many smiles and laughs! We love him and are glad to have him join our family.


Meet Our Available Puppies

Life at Family Labradors...


        Naps are so good!

"When can these little ones       come out to play"?


A pile-o-pups!



 Our puppies will come to you with their dew claws removed, dewormed, their first shots, and wellness checks done . We take them to our local vet who checks heart rate, respiratory rate, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, skin, teeth, and testicles. We would never knowingly make a puppy available unless the health was excellent as deemed by our vet. We want to present the healthiest puppy to you at homecoming time.

We encourage new owners to take the pup to their vet the first week to get approval as to the state of their health, and we are willing to pay for expenses, exchange pups, or refund if any health challenges are discovered within the first 2 weeks. 

The puppies are sold with a limited AKC registration.

Our adult dogs have all had hip and elbow testing and been cleared by the OFA . They are all unrelated to each other ,and are all pure bred AKC registered labradors.They are healthy ,loved , and cared for by our family. We have 3 females and 1 male, and we are planning on keeping our breeding program small so we can treat our dogs like pets with very little kennel time.

We socialize our pups by playing with them, plus lots of baths and cuddle time!We can make arrangments  with you for extra training ( potty training, crate training, basic obedience training).

We are happy providing healthy , happy puppies to dog loving homes!

call or text: 360-342-7673

We are located in Chattaroy, Wa. 

About 20 minutes N. of Spokane.

Success! We'll respond to you right away!

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